Boost Reputation Capital

In order to understand the influence that the Reputation factor increasingly gains in a globalized market, based on a series of typologies of technological tools for contact and sharing, we recall Rachel Botsman's presentation on this theme. The presentation...
The Online Reality of Reputation

The Online Reality of Reputation

Online reputation The transfer of part of the contact with an organization to the online reality translates into another way of dealing with trust and, especially, with the repercussions that the same or the lack of this factor can trigger. The ease of reaching ...
Avoid the Greenwashing Effect

Avoid the Greenwashing Effect

Greenwashing More and more the motto is one of differentiation. For an organization to achieve a competitive factor in the face of competition, it is required to assume the difference and to look for processes and elements that make it special, unique and innovative. In a market where ...


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