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Jun 2, 2014

Internalize an Entrepreneurial Response



The media coverage created around the theme of startups makes it an unavoidable subject for anyone who approaches the way an organization presents itself to the public and what consequences are caused by its specific nature.

The support and willingness to risk and create a new project that currently exists also means a multitude of ways to implement a communication process, in a logic of adaptation between the organization, its positioning and the tools it chooses to reach its communicational goals.

At the same time, Marketing and Communication professionals are faced with the need to respond to challenges launched by organizations that still have a history to write, building from scratch the steps to be followed by an organization that wants to see its path recognized .

The different realities at stake require a necessary capacity for adaptation. Not all organizations want to communicate in the same way and not all tools and methodologies that can be used are beneficial for a given case. It is essential to recognize the signs and shape an adequate response to the specific needs presented.

More than ever, the objective of cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit in the way of communicating also prevails. For each moment to be developed, we are required to pause to evaluate old solutions, consider new perspectives and design an answer that makes full sense of the goal to be reached.


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