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Jun 2, 2014

What defines a true Entrepreneur?

Richard Branson, founder of the group Virgin and one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world considers that the word “entrepreneur” gives rise to different interpretations.

According to Branson, a true enterprising is one who is not afraid to take risks, stand out and be different. A true entrepreneur is not limited to just launching a new product, but to seek innovation in order to achieve positive changes.

The great difference between an entrepreneur and an entrepreneur it is simply in your attitude towards the unknown. The entrepreneur implements a new product on the market that never exists, limiting himself to developing market studies before its implementation, while the true entrepreneur will always jump into the unknown, thus entering an unexplored territory.


Richard Branson identifies the true entrepreneur with a set of characteristics, connoting him with the definitions of:

  • Leader
  • Job creator
  • "Game changer"
  • Innovative
  • Disruptor




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