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December 1, 2014

The fourth wave of content marketing

Special care is needed when it comes to building the relationship with the consumer. Some observers have investigated that the content has reached a tipping point, where brands are trying to integrate marketing content without having a prior creative idea, a point of differentiation or a real reason to speak to the public.


Toby Smeeton, Director of the marketing content agency, Sunday, says that content has quickly become one of the most generic terms in the industry. To create a interesting marketing content it is necessary to have some editorial skills e understand the brand, in order to build content based on a strong idea that will benefit the organization.

We live in a world where the consumer is constantly bombarded com a series of uninteresting content, having to think about the content from a more intelligent perspective, projecting the brand and attracting more audiences. This objective starts with creating stories relevant approaches and creating a guiding strategy.


  • Hard truths

The value of content to a consumer is difficult to quantify. However, when consumers share your content, it is because it has some quality.

  • Too much to ask

Brands have more frequently demanded more active participation from their consumers. There is not only a concern with the sale, but also with the messages transmitted and the promotion of its image.

The democratization of creativity has increased pressure on brands to create content that is really interesting for consumers.

  • The endless end of printing

Content marketing is not immune to the challenges of media fragmentation.

  • Content reset

Despite the maturity of content marketing as a discipline of its own, some experts believe that brands have not yet really realized the opportunities that good content can bring.


The future of content marketing goes through a narrative that unfolds in various platforms. Thus, brands must understand what type of content works best with their consumers, always bearing in mind that consumers Topics and yours timing of publication is something very important for them.

See the article at: http://www.marketingmagazine.co.uk/article/1318921/fourth-wave-content-marketing





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