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December 15, 2014

Implement the “final” reorganization in the organization


At the moment of considering a process of change in an organization, doing it by force is never an option. Unlike past reorganizations that were carried out quickly, decisively and often without any concern for the organization's culture, this transition must be conducted with care and its natural development must be allowed. The following is a set of steps to consider:

  1. Assess the organization's professionals and culture. It will ask you to carry out a radical transformation that can seem daunting at certain times. To be successful, it must have a clear knowledge of who is prepared to change and who will resist this process.
  2. Select a method for delegate authority and develop the structure. To do this, you can choose an existing model or a hybrid that adapts more easily to your particular situation. The truth is that the starting point is not as relevant as the ability to evolve along the way.
  3. Select a product / service ou consumer typology that can easily isolate and address. The objective is to develop a team that has absolute control over the experience of a limited group of customers.
  4. Boost talent density. To be able to take advantage of this amount of freedom and uncertainty, the organization's professionals will need to be highly qualified. Once this team (or teams) is (are) defined, you can move on to attempt to bridge skills and missing skills.
  5. Practice. The group must conduct its activity in the face of this new approach in a total way, without interruptions or interference from the remaining business conducting processes.





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