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December 15, 2014


Maksen launches the offer Technology Efficiency focused on promoting innovation and business growth for its Clients. The developed solution is associated with a cost reduction that can reach 25% within one year.


Lisbon, 15 December 2014 - The ofert Technology Efficiency launched by Maksen, it integrates a set of skills that aim to support its customers in the implementation of management and innovation strategies. The developed projects demonstrate the value for money of this type of solution, among which are the immediate reduction in the number of systems by 15% to 30% and the immediate reduction of 2% to 10% in OPEX and CAPEX costs, which can reach 25% within 12 months .

For Rui PRuiPedroVazedro Vaz, Maksen Portugal Partner, “In an economic reality that requires budgetary constraints in organizations, we focused our work on supporting our customers in the most efficient management of their resources and on enhancing their ability to develop initiatives that streamline business processes and analytical capacity. We believe that the winners of this economic cycle will be the companies that do more and better with less, with technology being a determining element for the implementation of the respective strategies. Never before have concepts like flexibility, time2market, mobility or globality presented such a strong correlation between business and technology ”.

In an increasingly globalized and competitive market, in which organizations put increased pressure on the objectives of growth and sophistication of their commercial offer, Maksen's proprietary methodology consists of a set of pre-defined models and experienced in different business contexts, that present high levels of flexibility and parameterization to the specifics of each organization.

The application of this approach allows the quantification and optimization of the OPEX and CAPEX structure by asset to be achieved and the classification of the potential / discontinuation planning of each application and respective infrastructure. Additionally, in terms of optimization of OPEX and CAPEX structures, a greater focus on technological innovation is promoted, as a result of obtaining simplification, flexibility and scalability of the application architecture and respective infrastructures, through its consolidation, normalization and integration, and the reallocation to human, technological and financial asset innovation initiatives previously allocated, mainly, to operation and maintenance activities.

Maksen's technology area represents approximately half of the consultant's global operation and assumes “2-digit” growth prospects in all geographies and sectors of activity where Maksen is currently present. This is a growth leveraged in a common strategy, although adequate, in its implementation, to the specific reality of each market and sector, and which is supported by a clear bet on the most relevant skills and experience of the consultant, namely strategy and strategy aspects. governance, development and integration, and business intelligence / analytics.


About Maksen:

Maksen was created in 2003 with the objective of providing strategic and business consulting services, information systems and engineering / communications networks, focusing on the highest levels of rigor, professionalism, innovation and quality. With a growing international presence, today it develops projects in the different continents of the globe, focusing its activity in the provision of consultancy services in four major areas: corporate and business strategy; economic-financial organization, processes and analyzes; information systems and technologies; engineering and communications networks. Additional information at www.maksen.com


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