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January 31, 2017


Acquiring new skills, being able to balance professional and personal life and social commitment can be more important than a higher salary and the opportunity for career advancement, according to the results of the Kelly Global Workforce Index study. It is among professionals in Portugal that some of these concerns are most felt.


Logo_Kelly ServicesLisbon, January 19, 2015 - Many professionals seem to be willing to give up higher wages and the opportunity to ascend in the career given the opportunity to acquire new skills, improve the balance between personal and professional life and even the chance to perform functions with a social commitment, according to the Kelly Global Workforce Index study by Kelly Services.


In Europe, where more than half (57%) of professionals say they could sacrifice salary improvements or career advancement for the opportunity to learn new skills, it is in Portugal (72%) that the highest value is found in this matter.

Improving the balance between function and personal life is also important for professionals and there is a considerable group that is attracted to work with a social dimension. In both cases, it is also in Portugal that these aspects are most valued in the European context.

According to Afonso Carvalho, Managing Director of Kelly Services Portugal, “It is clear from these results that the most attractive organizations are those that offer more than competitive salaries and benefits. They offer the opportunity to develop skills and for the professional to evolve in the performance of their duties. Although wages are still an important element in the recruitment and retention of professionals, they clearly value their growth in professional terms and the relationship of this aspect with their time and personal relationships ”.

The Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI) is an annual study conducted by Kelly Services on employment and the work environment. 13.000 professionals in Portugal responded to the survey for this year's edition of the study, a total of almost 230.000 professionals in 31 countries.


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