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January 31, 2017

Reviewers: Maria Luís Albuquerque chairs the inauguration of the President

OROC; ROCLisbon, 15/01/2015 - The Minister of State and Finance, Maria Luís Albuquerque, presides at the inauguration ceremony of the President of the Order of Statutory Auditors, José Azevedo Rodrigues, and other members of the Governing Bodies, elected for the 2015-2017 triennium. This event will take place at Salão Nobre da Ordem, in Lisbon, on January 16th at 11:30 am.

According to Dr. José Azevedo Rodrigues, President of OROC, “We are going through a particularly difficult period, with strong social tensions, with a high tax burden, with a financial market that generates great suspicions, with companies in difficulties, which substantially affects the exercise of the professional audit activity, raising doubts about its credibility , so we cannot neglect to maintain high quality standards in all the services we provide. The Order considers essential its demanding performance in the fields of professional training, access to the profession and in the Quality Control process ”.

If, in his first term, the President made the degree of excellence in the audit profession the banner of his performance, in the three years that has just begun, the Order of Statutory Auditors can be expected to have a positioning centered on the defense of indisputable values Competence, Integrity and Rigor, which will contribute to the recognition and sustainability of the profession, to the growth and confidence of the various market agents.


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