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Feb 20, 2015

Visibility powered by the tweet


Using Twitter is not only sexy, but also smart, revealing and creates exposure for a brand.

It was recently announced that Google will now identify tweets in its search results. This transformation is very interesting, especially when we think about the aspect of exposure allowed by the combination of social media, research and PR.

If your audience is on Twitter, then this is the social network where your brand should be. For organizations looking for a good reason to be on Twitter, how about this: the media are on Twitter. Journalists and bloggers have a source of themes and ideas on the platform.

The big brands have already realized this, and are maximizing their exposure via this social network. The results for 2014 show that not only did they increase the content promoted through Twitter, but they also expanded their network of followers.

Something that demonstrates that both organizations and consumers are increasingly creating a dynamic relationship on this platform.


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