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Feb 24, 2015


Agap2 was the consultant selected to develop a project for Optimizing the Business Model Governance for ICT from the Ministry of Economy. The initiative that used an innovative model in Portugal, aims to promote the role of ICT as a factor of value creation, namely in meeting the needs of its employees. Stakeholders, risk optimization and resource optimization.


Lisbon, February 24, 2015 - In a context of profound transformation of Public Administration, agap2 developed an innovative project using ISACA's COBIT 5 Framework, for the definition and implementation of the governance and information systems management.


For Filipe Esteves, General Director of agap2, “Over the past few years, there have been several initiatives related to administrative modernization in the Public Sector, among which the need for better risk management and the optimization of resources related to Information and Communication Technologies has gained relevance. The challenge posed to agap2 included the identification of several critical success factors, including the importance of adopting and adapting good practices to the reality of the entity concerned, in particular with regard to program management, continuous improvement and management. of the change to implement ”.


The fact that the initiative was carried out in a context of transformation of the organic model of the entities of the Ministry of Economy led to several constraints. These, verified above all at the level of defining the scope of the entities involved, which had an impact above all in the management of change, in particular in the definition of the responsibility models and transfer of skills of employees.


The alignment with good practices was a critical success factor, namely through the use of several products from the COBIT 5 family - the General Secretariat being one of the first organizations in Portugal to use this solution, which responded to the different aspects of the project: program management, the assessment of the current state of the capacity of the processes and the design and training of the processes that will support the computer function.


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