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May 4

Are we visible outside?

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For a long time, Portuguese products have been considered by international markets as some of the best products in Europe and even in the world. From the renowned Port wine to cork, among others, it is now the turn of Portuguese footwear to prove that it is beginning to be recognized as one of the best with due merit.

The footwear sector is considered as one of the main drivers of the Portuguese economy, which in 2013 registered the maximum record for export history, translated in more than 1.700 million euros. Quality, luxury, design, tradition and contemporaneity are some of the characteristics attributed to footwear made in Portugal.

These are some of the characteristics also attributed to the Josefinas brand, a Portuguese footwear brand, known for the ballerina models it sells.

The brand was born from the idea of ​​Filipa Júlio, who dreamed of creating an elegant, practical footwear that would simultaneously honor her past as a dancer and the future of Portuguese women. The entire manufacturing process would also have to honor the handcrafted hands of our country, so, after finding those who are the best masters in the field, he “stole” his grandmother's name and created Josefinas.

The brand had already made itself known inside and outside the country when it launched this year “the most expensive ballerinas in the world”, the Sal Azul Persa model. The brand is now releasing letters after Chiara Ferragni, considered the most influential fashion blogger in the world, has chosen a pair for herself. Since the blogger is a personality known to the public accustomed to using exclusive brands, the fact that she chose a Portuguese brand among so many others, becomes a testament to its quality and originality. The blogger chose for herself the model “Gato Cheshire” and ended up sharing a photo on social networks with them, ending up being approached naturally by several followers who hurried to praise the chosen model.

In a context in which visibility gains more dimensions, the fact that they are present in an international panorama, but also that they were chosen by an influential personality in the fashion world, makes this action guarantee the brand an increase in notoriety.


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