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May 5

Ensure the presence to be recognized



When we approach the topic of visibility, we realize that more and more it counts to be present online, so much so that some marketing experts agree that this approach is the equivalent of the century. XXI to the first meeting with the client.

For your brand to achieve a high status of visibility online it must be recognized, relatable and authentic. The presence online it will function as a night light: it will illuminate consumers when it cannot be present.

We then leave you the five most effective ways to maximize your visibility online:

  1. Streamline your website: Currently, the website of a brand is much more than a business card. Invest in website interactive, properly organized, containing essential information about the brand, such as information on the products / services it offers, places of purchase and contacts. Bet on disclosing the history and values ​​of the brand.
  2. Presence on social networks: This is the theme that can no longer be escaped. Social networks are everywhere and therefore your brand must be on at least one social network. A social network helps to promote visibility, recognition and brand loyalty of a brand. It is also a great tool to achieve the desired results easily and effectively, especially when you have few resources.
  3. Press release: Sharing of press releases it is an effective way to increase brand visibility. Even more effective if your publication is selected by Google News, as you will receive more media coverage.
  4. Start a blog: The blogging is one of the most effective ways to achieve visibility online, since it helps to establish the relationship with the consumer and other influencers and gives them the possibility to get to know the brand in a more intimate way.


While achieving visibility, be it online or not, keep authentic. Do not present yourself as any other brand. If you can keep up honest and approachable about the values ​​of your brand, it will appear in the eyes of consumers and will be able to achieve the desired objective through it.




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