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May 5

Calculate the value of visibility


Today we are going to try to find the value of the unknown "visibility”, Focusing on the equation: Brand = reputation x visibility. We already know that the combined value between the two unknowns will result in the value of the brand, but what does visibility mean, concretely?

Um low visibility value is a problem quite serious and, even more worrying, common for the existence of a company. According to statistics, 60% of consumers are able to affirm whether the reputation of the brand from which they purchased a product and / or service is positive or not, but only 40% are able to identify the brand as being recognized or not.

The visibility of a brand obviously refers to the visibility that it obtains in the market in which it operates, whether or not it is recognized by the public and by its peers.

In the transparent society in which we operate, a brand cannot afford to adopt a strategy low-key, which will only be viable if the brand manages to compensate and a lot in other factors. To be invisible is the same as not to exist.

This does not imply, however, dedicating itself exclusively to the issue of visibility and neglecting the reputation value, which is very high in itself. The ideal for building a successful brand will therefore be to create a combination of a solid reputation and visibility elevated. This combination will eventually allow us to create new relationship opportunities with new customers while maintaining existing relationships with existing ones.

More visibility does not mean that you will have to invest more in advertising or expand the target you want to achieve - brand visibility results from communication about your products and services to your current customer base, as well as providing new business opportunities with knowledge about what you have to offer.




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