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May 25


Agap2IT bets € 190.000 on innovation and knowledge for the development of projects and for the improvement of already implemented solutions. In-house research becomes the starting point for agap2IT's international offer.


Lisbon, May 25, 2015 - agap2IT invests in its area of R & D, making an initial investment of € 190.000 the opportunity to create solutions that position the consultant at the forefront of technology, affirming its excellence with its partners and promoting entrepreneurship. The work carried out by the agap2IT team allows the development of truly innovative projects, which form the basis of the consultant's original offer in the international markets in which it operates.

Ricardo Schiller PintoFor Ricardo Schiller Pinto, Head of Research and Development at agap2IT, “This is a strategic decision, more than a mere commitment in the face of external conditions. Agap2IT is distinguished by its dynamics, professionalism and internal culture, now adding innovation as a new distinguishing factor, further affirming its audacity, vision and entrepreneurial spirit. The focus is on creating a new offering based on emerging technologies, but which may nevertheless improve, directly or indirectly, consultancy processes already under implementation ”.

The development of projects carried out also makes it possible to bridge the gap between the business and academic worlds, develop new technological skills, investigate and develop disruptive applications and obtain national and international funding.

The internal innovation area of ​​agap2IT has a working group dedicated to evaluating the project ideas developed, with a number of consultants allocated that varies according to the number of proofs of concept taking place at any given time. The possibility of joining this team is open to any agap2IT consultant with vision, critical spirit, entrepreneurship and rigor.

The proposed ideas go through the evaluation of a think tank internal, followed by the respective investigation and implementation, carried out by the agap2IT Academy, which results in a proof of concept to be presented internally. This proof of concept is subject to an internal evaluation, followed by a search for possible investors interested in the concept developed, who are interested in transforming it into a product.

Among the projects already developed in proof of concept are the playone - enterprise media management platform (Azure, Azure Media Services, PaaS); Big Data Utilities –Engineering load curve analysis platform (Azure, Hadoop); The Garage - workshop management with complete monitoring of the vehicle arrangement (Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, Azure); Sql Server Analyzer - automatic analysis of the health, maintenance and performance of Microsoft sql servers (Sql Server) and Knowledge Box - Distributed E-Learning platform (Azure, PaaS, Media Services, NoSql).


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