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November 2, 2015

Communication in a Social Context

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Communication touches on different areas, shapes itself to achieve objectives and to adapt to audiences, constantly changing. Only in this way is it possible to think of a communication effort adapted to the purpose that we propose to fulfill. This is valid when the objective is to promote a service or product, justify the positioning of a company, but also when the goal does not correspond to a commercial aspect.

In any message the expected result is to be able to generate a reaction on the part of the public, effectively leading to action. The question that changes here and that transforms the totality of the relationship between the organization and the public is that of the consideration offered. A strategy in the social context is not aimed at the public, but at the cause and at the individuals to be supported. So, what will the public withdraw from this transaction?

Communication conceived in a social context thus acquires a set of meanings that are absent from more common processes. The message is thought of differently and requires a reorientation exercise.

For Third Sector organizations looking for an effective communication strategy, it may seem like a challenge to understand how to “think” and act in this context. This is a reality that is necessarily distinct from the most common communication processes and endowed with considerable complexity, when the objective is to integrate complementary actions for different audiences.

The starting point of any communication strategy, not just for organizations of this type, must make use of experience, know-how and skills. If, on the one hand, the experience can be drawn directly from the activity carried out by the organization's team and volunteers, acquiring the necessary knowledge and applying it becomes more complicated. It is in this perspective that the partnerships developed prove to be really useful, enabling the organization to carry out the intended evolution in the design of the Communication strategy.


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