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November 2, 2015

Social Responsibility as an effective process


Social responsibility has a relevant role in Marketing because it involves an effort to attract consumers / customers who want to make a difference in their community through their consumption habits or choice of partners. This importance translates into diversified strategies that integrate the use of recycled materials, campaigns for awareness for social purposes and the distribution of revenues to support groups and entities with a social action.

Many organizations have already adopted social responsibility strategies in a marketing perspective, as a means to help the community. In return for this dimension of the operation and its dissemination, the organization manages to show itself as a responsible and ethical entity, which attracts new clients committed to this type of concerns and looking for a way to get involved in them.

Organizational responsibility is expressed in concrete actions with visibility within the organization and that can be the target of dissemination to the outside. Thus, administrators, managers and Shareholders they are encouraged to make use of ethical behaviors and to encourage the community to promote actions and processes with a responsible nature. Making this effort only apparent, promoting processes or products without the respective practical application of it, indicates to the public that the organization is not truly committed and may, in the last case, harm the organization's brand and success. The public is now more and more informed and is able to unveil and share actions based on mere appearance with the purpose of gaining notoriety.

Although the initial investment in social responsibility processes can mean a bet with no guarantee of return for the organization, if these are effectively conducted and their integration into marketing campaigns is well planned, they integrate perspectives of a positive promotion of the organization's image and, consequently, of its position and relevance in the market.


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