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November 2, 2015

Social Responsibility in a Marketing View


Even if those responsible for the communication of an organization are not the decision makers regarding the measures that will impact the community and the public, they still have an integral role in the way they are conveyed. Thus, when discussing plans, considering opportunities and preparing campaigns, we must pay attention to the role played by Marketing and Communication in these processes.

Does this mean that being socially responsible can be used as a communication strategy in the marketing campaigns we develop? Yes, and some professionals in the sector even consider social responsibility a marketing tool.

Start by identifying what the organization does that has a positive impact on organizational culture. Most marketers will tell you that Communication is easier and more relaxed to develop when working with an organization that does extraordinary things that others naturally want to talk about.

Many marketers avoid getting involved in the impact of their organization's business because they do not consider it part of their job. But communicating how this impact affects the organization, its offer and, in particular, its perception with its audience allows to anticipate possible reactions and prepare an appropriate response. Likewise, a positive impact on the community must be amplified and used as the basis for an additional communication effort that makes it more relevant.

This type of vision regarding the operation benefits all the actors and involved in the organization - between management, employees, marketers and the community, and it becomes a sign of maturity when it comes to understanding how we integrate with the context around us.


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