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November 4, 2015


Comfort Keepers is preparing to find its next franchisee. The challenge "CK Entrepreneur Scholarship ” is an initiative open to applications from Entrepreneurs willing to integrate new business opportunities in the area of ​​home care.


Lisbon, November 05, 2015 - Comfort Keepers - a world reference organization in the area of ​​Home Support, is preparing to support an Entrepreneur looking for help to start his business. The challenge "CK Entrepreneur Scholarship ” it aims to find the candidate with the right profile to join the Comfort Keepers network. The winner will be offered the opportunity to participate in a Social MBA, a 3-day training course that integrates part of the process that the American multinational designed for its franchising network and that includes a “Discovery Day” to visit a Comfort office Keepers.

Registration for the challenge “CK Entrepreneur Scholarship ” can be done using the form available at https://pt.surveymonkey.com/r/bolsaempreededorck2015 and the regulation consulted in http://www.comfortkeepers.pt/franchising/bolsa-empreendedor-ck.html. The challenge is part of the presentation that Comfort Keepers will hold at the “Entrepreneur Fair” organized by ANJE, from 19 to 21 November in Porto, and in which the organization will exhibit its new franchising offer for the Portuguese market.

For Jorge Monteiro, Managing Director of Comfort Keepers Portugal, “The activity that we have been developing and the relationship that we have established with our franchisees has allowed us to create knowledge and methodologies oriented towards the Social and Health area that allow us to help someone when starting a business and validating their perspectives in the sector. Comfort Keepers' participation in the Entrepreneur Fair seemed to us the perfect opportunity to share this experience and knowledge. We believe that this is the ideal time to find someone who already has experience in management and commercial appetite, the ability to invest or to attract investment, with an interest in the geographic areas for which Comfort Keepers wants to grow and, above all, willingly and availability to change your professional path ”.

This new franchise offer from Comfort Keepers comprises a series of complementary aspects that act as a support to entrepreneurial capacity and business incubation and that allow new franchisees to get in touch with the recognition and experience of the brand. Depending on the geographic dimension of the territory covered by the unit, integration into the Comfort Keepers network amounts to € 26.000 (75.000 inhabitants) and € 38.500 (175.000 inhabitants).

This offer includes support for start-up and business management in the first 90 days - with the development of Business Plan e Coaching, operational support for Human Resources, Marketing, Accounting processes, among others, access to a customer database and referencing cases, knowledge and Comfort Keepers methodologies supported by own documentation and software, the implementation of a portfolio of services in the areas of Social Assistance, Nursing Services, Outsourcing and Tele-care Services and a Certification (ISO 9001: 208) unique in Portugal for a company in the sector.


Comfort Keepers in Portugal:

Comfort Keepers integrates in Portugal a network of 650 Employees - 600 Caregivers and 50 Employees with functions of Direction and Coordination, organized in 15 territories. These Caregivers provide Home Support services, Nursing care, assistance to Young Parents and Solutions for Employers to more than 3.000 users in the national territory. The growth expectation for Comfort Keepers in Portugal foresees the identification of new franchisees and the expansion of the organization's network to the North, Center, Leiria and the West and Algarve regions.


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