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November 30, 2015

Social responsibility as a Marketing theme


The context that we have been experiencing in recent years, and which is also reflected in corporate activity, is a growing concern with social and environmental issues. Several organizations, of different nature and dimensions, are now more responsible for the awareness of the impact on their community, largely due to the Internet and the ease of finding information and uniting the voices of individuals who share the same goals and ideas.

The public today demands a broader level of respect in terms of organizational humanitarianism, showing itself even disinterested in purchasing products and services that openly demonstrate that it does not result from practices considered responsible. Integrating a concern with this reality helps to create a positive image of an organization in the mind of the consumer and the business partner, and it becomes an invaluable instrument to achieve differentiation from the competition.

Implementing a corporate responsibility strategy can be decisive in the long term in promoting interaction with customers and employees. Incorporating social responsibility actions into the business model developed serves as a mechanism to reach the public in an original way, which puts people talking, sharing and, ultimately, consuming more. Projecting an image of ethical practices, such as sustainable production processes, attention to the well-being of employees or involvement in social campaigns, can attract public attention.

Implementing social responsibility practices is vital to ensure sustainability and lasting success. Long-term benefits represent no less than the organization's long-term viability. Thus, by effectively managing the relationship with customers, employees, suppliers and the surrounding community, it becomes possible to maximize the value of the organization and create a sustainable company.


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