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Feb 1, 2016

Understand a Marketing Strategy


Define the Audience: Before creating an effective marketing strategy, it is necessary to identify the target audience that we want to reach. This is the one who is most likely to want to purchase the products or services available and who will develop a connection with the brand. The largest share of marketing will be directed to this segment, although actions can be considered with a view to a more comprehensive community.

Once the target audience is identified, it is vital to know more about it. Part of marketing is more about building relationships and branding that properly ensure a sale. Understanding your interests, concerns, habits and behaviors will help you determine where and how to focus your marketing efforts.

Create the Message: Before starting to develop any type of marketing content, we need to involve the offer and objectives in an original message for the brand. Understanding the offer means determining not only what we sell, but also the reason why a customer would choose it. We may offer added convenience, a deeper level of service, or find a way to present products or services in a way that represents luxury and high quality. Whatever the identified element, it will be explored in the marketing efforts to be implemented, because it is what will allow to interest and convince the public.

Identify Channels: In-depth information about the target audience also allows you to identify your online habits. This will help determine which social media platforms to use, what type of content the audience will respond to and what content is most likely to be shared, for example.

Evaluate the Strategy: In order to determine if the marketing efforts are being successful, we need to decide which method to measure the customer's response, between metrics of access to the organization's website or social media platform used and sharing of the created content . These indicators will allow us to understand what content is working and what content needs to be adjusted, enabling a strategy of phased reach by different segments of the public and under constant improvement.


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