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Feb 29, 2016

Enhancing Thought Leadership

Currently, all companies, whether large or small, need a strategic leader. However, the work of a strategic leader is not an easy task and very few understand what this implies.

We present you some characteristics of a leader with strategic thinking:

  1. Knowing how to think critically: It is characteristic of a leader with strategic thinking to question everything around him. It is necessary to truly analyze the problems in order to identify the reasons, challenge beliefs and ways of thinking, including yours and discover hypocrisy, manipulation and prejudice in organizational decisions.
  1. Line up: Currently, consensus is rare. A strategic leader must encourage open dialogue, build trust and involve key stakeholders, especially when opinions differ. For this, it is essential to understand what drives people, including what remains hidden, to bring tough issues to the surface, even when it is unpleasant and to assess risk tolerance.
  1. Decide: Many leaders are victims of “analysis paralysis”. It is necessary to develop processes and apply them, to carefully frame the decision to get to the heart of the matter, speed of balance, rigor, quality and agility. Sometimes, it is necessary to leave perfection to higher powers and take a position, even with incomplete information and different points of view.
  1. To interpret: A leader with good strategic thinking must know how to interpret. Ambiguity is unsettling. Faced with this, a leader is bound to come up with a quick solution. A good strategic leader remains stable, synthesizes information from various sources before developing a point of view, tests various hypotheses and encourages others to do the same.


To find out more about a leader with strategic thinking take a look at the original article we were inspired by here.




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