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Apr 14, 2016

Tell the relationship with the public


The relationship between brands and their audience evolves daily. In this sense, the storytelling it was developed in order to enhance this relationship and bring the publics closer to the brands, through an original format and closer to this recipient. With a beginning, middle and end, these stories make audiences review this content for the liveliness, tenderness, courage or realism they transmit, transforming the brand's identity into a humanized and recognizable image.

The “real” factor is a fundamental detail for the success of this marketing strategy. In order to exploit the audience's experience to the fullest, this innovative way of communicating involves building stories with a new approach, sharing the real experiences of the people with whom it comes into contact. To enable this identification with the brands and this approximation to reality, the process of storymaking it is based on six pillars: participation, inspiration by the public, decentralization, unpredictability, reciprocity, and finally, authenticity.

A participation it is a key aspect in the creation of history, with sharing and dissemination on social networks constituting the best advertising for the brand and its products. THE inspiration for the story, it must be born with the public, who must be able to add something personal to this narrative and feel considered in the brand's journey and message.

Brands cannot expect to be the only point in common with their followers and to carry the feeling of identification further they have to decentralize its performance, integrating the experience of each audience and showing that they are looking for it and not the other way around. THE unpredictability it is a feeling of increased interest for audiences and that transforms them into followers, through a way of communicating capable of mixing different experiences and the influences received at each step of the communication process.

If brands want to be followed, they must listen to what their audiences have to say and function in a reciprocal relationship able to satisfy the needs of both. THE authenticity of stories is the great revolution created by storymaking. There are not only life stories with happy endings, and it is therefore important to know how to deal with positive and negative stories. The world becomes richer with the existence of both perspectives, than with just one.


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