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May 10

The essential element in a Marketing strategy


The reputation factor is a crucial element that makes it possible to determine customer conversion rates. We are not the only ones to spend resources on communication, our competition is doing exactly the same and the potential customers of the brand are exposed to different forms of marketing. But when a customer has to choose a service or product, it is reputation that plays a decisive role.

But how can the public judge reputation?

When we prepare to buy a gift for a friend or when we want to try a new restaurant, we turn to the opinions of others as a factor of recommendation. If the answer is positive, we are encouraged to make that purchase or visit the restaurant.

This is precisely how reputation works for brands. The public seeks the recommendation, criticisms, ratings and feedback from customers with whom the brand has already contacted. Advertising or other promotional tools are the way we present our offer. They are effective only to a certain extent. But customer reviews are understood to be the impartial opinion of people who are not related to the brand and the organization. This is an opinion with an added impact.

Criticism is fundamental to the business and the conversion process, but encouraging positive organic criticism is a challenge. Most customers, despite feeling satisfied with the products or services available, do not give their own opinion about them.

On the other hand, customers who are dissatisfied more easily will feel compelled to express their disappointment on social media platforms, discussion analysis portals and via email. The challenge is to maximize positive reviews and find a way to reduce negative ones or even convert them into positive opinions.

A marketing strategy is incomplete and, in most cases, is ineffective without positive reinforcement from customer reviews. Marketing provides visibility to the offer. But it also enhances the exposure of negative criticisms. It is therefore necessary to have an effective process through which positive criticisms can be enhanced and negative ones converted in favor of the brand. With this element in action, the global marketing strategy and the promotional strategy achieved will make the offer more relevant and appealing to the public to whom we target.


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