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May 12

Protecting an organization in a crisis of confidence


By putting in place mechanisms that enhance confidence building, those responsible for communication in an organization can play a key role in maintaining public loyalty during a crisis that has an impact on the brand's reputation and avoiding irreparable damage to the brand and the your business.

Each organization is only as good as its reputation makes it look. For this reason, management should consider implementing measures that enhance the creation of a sustainable communication platform and foster trust before they are faced with a situation of this type.

If customers see the organization as a leader in the sector that offers relevant services and products, and that is an information resource on the relevant issues in it, they will more easily be able to give the organization the benefit of the doubt during a time of crisis.

The key lies in the ability to make use of reputation as an advantage and communicate to customers that they will take the proactive steps necessary to correct any mistakes.

The strength of a brand is found in the quality of its relationship with its audience. Dynamic communication through social platforms is a good way for the organization to keep in touch and evaluate the reaction and feeling of the client.

Following up on this contact with a more personal approach to any issue that may arise and providing regular information and news serves as a factor in promoting trust. The regularity of this contact encourages familiarity and greater knowledge regarding the discourse used.

If the organization is making a difference in the community or at the national level through voluntary or funding actions, these initiatives must be reflected in the marketing campaign. Campaigns designed to highlight the positive impact of social responsibility efforts, and which show the alignment of the brand's positioning and mission, should be considered.

The period after a crisis situation is the most important in rebuilding a climate of confidence. The organization must emerge from it in the most positive way possible. The message used must also be seen from the perspective of a situation of this type, in order to ensure that it does not conflict or that it can be understood as insensitive to those who are affected.


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