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May 17

Why should reputation be a marketing priority?

What people say about your online organization has become the most important reflection of your organization's quality, degree of trust and competence. It doesn't matter what your industry is. An international study carried out by Nielsen showed that 66% of global consumers indicated that they trust online criticisms from strangers when making their purchasing decisions.

Marketing's priority should be to develop a solid online reputation. Because? All of your other marketing efforts, whether they are SEO, social media or offline actions or advertising, will inevitably lead the public to learn more about the online organization. In this context, a weak reputation can later drive you away.

Most managers and business leaders do not understand that what consumers want is information that will help them feel confident that they are making the right purchase. Today, much of that confidence comes from online criticism and reflections on the experience of other consumers.

With the mastery of mobile devices at the time of purchase, brands must ensure that their website is not only in a prominent position but that they are also mobile-friendly with navigation and interaction capabilities. The goal is to eliminate as much friction as possible between consumer needs and the organization's ability to respond to them.


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