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May 19

3 steps to manage online reputation


It is understandable that a customer would prefer to purchase a product or service with great reviews than from a business marked by negative reviews. This is why an organization should pay attention to ensuring that it has a positive online reputation - and that includes small businesses.

We can automatically assume that because a brand has little expression, online reputation is meaningless. This is a common perception and the reason why many of these organizations do not invest in strategies designed for their online reputation. This means not realizing that all organizations, large or small, are affected by online reputation in a certain way.

Get started with Facebook: For small business management, Facebook is a free platform through which it is possible to receive criticism and respond to customers. Facebook is flexible enough to be used in the most convenient way for the brand.

Responding to negative reviews: No business, no matter what size, is perfect. All brands receive a negative review at a given time and this is normal. What matters is how the brand responds to this type of situation.

Be present on other platforms: Twitter and Instagram are two of the most used social media platforms today. For customers, these are simple to use. For brands, they are an effective tool for collecting information. This means that through a thoughtful social media campaign, a brand can understand the relationship that customers establish with the brand.


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