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May 26

The issues surrounding Reputational Marketing


Reputation management seems to be becoming a thing of the past. The era of reacting to crises with reactive strategies is over and finding out how a brand can use a proactive approach to turn reputation into a valuable marketing strategy. There are several possible steps to initiate and maintain an effective reputation strategy and regardless of the size of the organization or its resources, each of them takes on a role in increasing lead generation and customer retention.

The reputation is based on aligning the content generated by the consumer with the brand message, so it is necessary to know where this content is being shared. The number of channels available to generate this interaction is constantly increasing and more ways to share online means that brands need to discover these channels and join the ongoing conversation quickly, before allowing unsupervised content to have an impact. in the perception of the brand.

In order to find out where these current and potential customers are, some questions must be taken into account:

How would I start my search to find this product or service? What kind of search terms would you use?

If you didn't know any brand, how would you find the best options?

If you were a dissatisfied customer, where would you share my opinion?

If I was satisfied and wanted to recommend an organization or offer to others, where would I go?

Where are my competitors being commented on or where do they interact with their customers?

These simple questions help brands discover numerous channels with opportunities to interact with current customers and prospects. By locating the platforms used by customers to develop research for their purchase act, the team can identify additional spaces where increased visibility helps to reach consumers with a more defined purchase intention. The opportunity to forge a more effective relationship with the public, to listen to customers' opinions and to connect with dissatisfied customers with competitors is exponential.


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