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May 31

The Bê-á-Bá of Communication

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It will always be a challenge for companies to find the perfect combination between creativity, size, stage and available resources, given the constant evolution and demands that the market contains. But for organizations that create their strategy, the right actions and tools contribute to building strong and sustainable brands over time, with increased levels of credibility and trust.

Knowing how to respond to this challenge and how to make our organization's strategy successful in the face of the identified challenges is the question that all those responsible for the area of ​​Communication inevitably have to face, the million dollar question for those who want to establish a true relationship with their audience.

Any good idea goes through an inevitable transition, from just being a more or less abstract idea to a project that will be the target of public evaluation. This contact implies telling a story that allows to create an effective and affective connection. It is in this aspect of creating an original message that knowing how to communicate becomes essential. And it is also when creating and exposing this message that sometimes new projects get lost and make mistakes.

It was in this context that Say U received the invitation from Associação Acredita Portugal to develop the Workshop “Comm 101 to 360 - Bê-á-Bá da Comunicação for Startups and Entrepreneurs”. Say U's path, with communication and marketing strategies designed specifically for SMEs and Startups, is the basis for the know-how we can share and with which we can train other professionals. In this Workshop we set out to help reflect on how brands can tell their story and find their own voice, which makes a clear and simple message interesting and unique.

It was, above all, an opportunity for enrichment, evolution and learning. Those who do not follow these types of opportunities ignore their own entrepreneurial spirit.


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