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Jun 2, 2016

The specific challenges of Marketing for a Startup


Implementing a Marketing strategy for a startup is something very different from an organization or project already established in the market. To start, a startup does not have recognition that facilitates the first interaction, resources are generally limited and we often find ourselves dealing with customers only in a digital context. All of these factors make communication idealized for this type of context a challenge, but the possibility of learning from the experience of other startups in the market and the solutions they have implemented can make certain obstacles easier to overcome.

Even if we have a perfectly innovative project, we will come across other organizations competing for the same space and attention. It is up to us to be able to convince the public that we are the preferred choice in view of any number of other possibilities available.

The increasing popularity of digital journalism and social media has given rise to an influx of marketing options in a digital context, as a complement to traditional marketing possibilities that have existed for decades. For those responsible for startups, the myriad of marketing options can be overwhelming and confusing.

Marketing challenges are not limited to finding the best marketing strategy. Even the best marketing strategies can fail if we lose focus due to other obligations or opportunities.

Startups generally begin to operate with limited resources and even startups with a high level of investment have investors to whom they have to satisfy each expenditure. The problem is that the founders and managers of startups perceive this as a disadvantage when it comes to implementing a viable marketing strategy.


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