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Jun 9, 2016



The 20 finalists of this edition of the Acredita Portugal entrepreneurship contest were selected from more than 13 thousand applications. The projects will now undergo a final evaluation phase to find the winners who will receive specialized support for their entry into the market.

Lisbon, June 09, 2015 - The 20 finalist projects of the 6th edition of the Acredita Portugal Entrepreneurship contest are preparing for the last evaluation phase of the initiative, a pitch to a guest jury that will allow you to select the winning ideas that will take home a service grant provided by partners to support its implementation in the market.

The more than 13.000 ideas submitted were submitted to the pedagogical tool DreamShaper, through which they learned how to develop their business plan. The finalist projects are now in a pre-acceleration period, and are receiving individual monitoring by the Acredita Portugal team and by specialists who will ensure that the projects are as prepared as possible to raise investment and prepare for their entry into the market. This process culminates on June 17 with the moment of pitch to the jury and investors. The winners of the contest will be known at the Acredita Portugal Gala, which takes place on June 25, in Lisbon.

PedroQueiroFor Pedro Queiró, CEO of Acredita Portugal, “In this edition of the Acredita Portugal contest, we saw an increase in the quality of the projects submitted. The 20 finalists selected represent the entrepreneurial spirit that we have identified in the national context, the ability to idealize an innovative idea and to make it an attractive asset for the market. In this sense, we confirm the purpose of this initiative as a stage to give visibility to Portuguese entrepreneurs ”.

The 20 finalists belong to three different categories of the Contest, Make Your Dream Come True (projects of Commerce, Services and Industry; New ideas e Social Entrepreneurship), InovPortugal (High Technology; New Ideas - B2B e New Ideas - Web & Mobile) is Breeze Mobility.

The winners of the contests promoted by Acredita Portugal are offered partnerships with entities of a different nature, hoping that they will constitute the essential tools to support in the go to market, together with an investment prize of € 50.000 granted to one of the finalists by one of the association's partners.



The Contest Finalists:
Realize Your Dream Category - Commerce, Services and Industry
CrispyAll - Manufacture and sale of food dehydrating equipment for the Hotel, Catering and Agricultural Production industry.
Slash Creative Hair Studio - Technological hairdresser of the century. XXI, where there are no magazines - only tablets. It has services designed for customers with little time and a work area for customers who need to work. It also has a built-in studio area for various creative activities.
Shoemaker at the door! - Mobile shoemaker workshop in each district capital.
Category Make Your Dream Come True - New Ideas
Naughty - Range of products derived from chili peppers, with a focus on Malbriado hot sauce, and including sweet chilli, chilli salt and chilli pickles.
OCTO - Sustainable Lifestyle - Design & Construction of new Living Spaces in a sustainable way - Permanent Housing, Holiday Homes and Houses in Rural Space - using recycled marine containers for the structural base, using ecological materials, and aiming at energy efficiency and natural resources.
Nuts - Dried fruit butters with various flavors (100% natural and homemade).
Category Make Your Dream Come True - Social Entrepreneurship
Wave Technology Academy - Free advanced practical technological training initiative, through participation in real R&D projects, better preparing candidates for the job market.
ImpactTrip - Tourist experiences that combine travel and volunteering in Portugal.
Indigo Social Network - An online social network of Entre-Ajuda Internacional with applications for all mobile devices. All services and objects are obtained by users free of charge.
InovPortugal Category - High Technology
custom drones - Develop and build Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV drones), tailored to the needs of each customer.
FYT Jeans - Engineered for Comfort - Design and production of ergonomic and functional clothing, with the ability to adapt to changes in our body throughout the day, improving comfort and protection in sedentary or dynamic positions.
NewTech - Innovative medical-technological services for pre-surgical study - Software that allows the conversion of imaging exams (computed tomography, magnetic resonance and 3D ultrasound) of human and animal patients and makes it possible to obtain 3D models (virtual and physical) of the anatomical region of interest that would be the target of surgical intervention.
InovPortugal Category - New Ideas-B2B
FabricsExchange - Platform sourcing for the textile industry.
idflow - Creation of a rapid diagnostic test of the bacteria causing urinary infection. These tests will be portable, simple to use and allow you to lead the doctor to a better targeted therapeutic solution.
NeuroPsyCAD - Computer-assisted diagnosis of neuropsychiatric diseases.
InovPortugal Category - New Ideas-Web & Mobile
instaSports - Share Photos with LiveScores Designs - Project by the startup CortexRails, to develop an iOS application that allows, automatically, to share football results with the result above the photo.
jesbee - App that makes it possible, through the use and realization of actions, to receive credits that can be exchanged for rewards to the user’s school, made available by partners. These rewards vary from movie tickets, mobile phone balance, surf lessons, etc.
Tic Tac Ticket - Optimize the resource available on aircraft, on each flight, by applying a specific pricing model, increasing its load factor, with an increase in the carrier's annual revenues and reducing the price of airline tickets.
Category Breeze Mobility
Black Box for Road Vehicles - Black Box for motor vehicles, without prejudice to the invasion of privacy to the user, in order to determine responsibilities when there are claims.
ParqNgo - Car Park Sharing - Simple service for sharing private parking spaces that works through an app on your mobile phone or web portal. The service allows owners to remotely manage access and payment to third parties, providing drivers with greater geographical and economic accessibility.


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