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Jun 12, 2016


Say U Consulting is touring the country with the “COMM Route for StartUPs and Entrepreneurs ”, and is currently developing a workshop in Almada designed to enhance the communication of startups and entrepreneurship projects. The initiative, developed with the partners of the national incubators (Porto, Lisbon, Almada, Vila Nova de Gaia, Guimarães and Faro), aims to equip the agents of the national ecosystem with entrepreneurship of know-how and solutions to respond to Communication challenges.


ROUTE.COMMLisbon, 07 July 2016 - Communication Marketing Consultant Say U Consulting, is developing the “Rota COMM for StartUPs and Entrepreneurs”, a set of workshops oriented to the challenges of communication in a startup. How to deal with Communication challenges in the context of a startup and how to create buzz around a product or service without spending a fortune is the answer that this initiative aims to give. This initiative seeks to fill a gap in the national training offer and provide Entrepreneurs, Startup managers and Communication professionals who wish to specialize in this niche, with tools that help to tell Stories.

The “Rota”, which today arrived in Almada for an action in Madan Parque, aims to get closer to the reality of entrepreneurship on the ground through workshops held in incubation centers throughout the country and to provide instruments for an integrated dissemination strategy in key moments such as “go-to-market” or the capture of new markets. In this first phase, in addition to the Workshops “Bê-á-Bá da Comunicação for StartUPs and Entrepreneurs” developed in Porto and Lisbon, actions are also scheduled for Vila Nova de Gaia (INOVAGAIA) on 14 and Guimarães (Avepark) on 15 July. On September 15th, “Rota” descends to the South for an action in Faro with ANJE. Achieving the totality of the national business fabric of this typology, in partnership with incubation centers and local business associations and reaching other areas of the country is the challenge for the coming months.

For Marta Gonçalves, Managing Partner at Say U Consulting “It was in the course of our relationship with Associação Acredita Portugal and with the candidates and winners of the Entrepreneurship Contests, that we conceived the“ GO360 ”- a methodology developed to be applied to the design of startup business communication strategies. In these interactions, we repeat over and over again that a well-designed communication strategy is a key marketing component of any startup, since the right actions help to decode the product or service, build reputation, trust and credibility, and sediment an interest sustainable, contributing to the longevity of brands. In this Route we intend to help reflect on how brands can tell their story, find their own voice, that makes a clear and simple message something interesting and unique ”, further reinforces.

“Although the Portuguese are among the European Union's most risky in terms of entrepreneurship, Portugal has one of the lowest survival rates among the youngest companies. Bearing this scenario in mind, we tried to provide a training offer that would help to reflect in a practical way on what separates the great from the small and what determines success and, conversely, what leads to failure. Communication, as a key vector for success, is a good example of this ”, concludes.

This initiative is aimed at managers of Startups, Entrepreneurs and Communication professionals and will address “Think big, act small” strategies for the construction of niche campaigns, with a perfect match between creativity, size, stadium and available resources.

Additional information and information about the “Rota COMM for StartUPs and Entrepreneurs” can be found in the “Rota COMM” app available for download on the iTunes Store and Google Play here, by calling 211 926 124, by email rota.comm@say-u.pt and on the consultant's website www.say-u.pt.


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