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July 5, 2016

A Route to Communication

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The path developed so far has allowed us to reflect on how brands can tell their story, finding their own voice that makes a clear and simple message interesting and unique. This process acquires an essential character in an integrated strategy that aims to enhance the long-term success of an organization.

Responding to Communication challenges, in a highly dynamic context and in which the public's appetite for interaction is increasingly visible, is what Say U proposes to do daily, through strategies oriented to the needs identified in each project.

It was during our relationship with Associação Acredita Portugal and with the candidates and winners of their Entrepreneurship Contests that we conceived the “GO360º - PR4StartUPs” - a model developed to be applied to the design of startup business communication strategies. In these interactions, we repeat over and over again that a well-designed communication strategy is a key marketing component of any startup, since the right actions help to decode the product or service, build reputation, trust and credibility, and sediment an interest sustainable, contributing to the longevity of brands.

This model was the starting point for “COMM Route for StartUPs and Entrepreneurs”, A set of workshops oriented to the challenges of communication in a startup, which is touring the country with partners of national incubators (Porto, Lisbon, Almada, Vila Nova de Gaia, Guimarães and Faro).

It is this aspect of recognition that is at the origin of the capacity to create an original discourse, which allows to associate experience, know-how and relationship with the community. Integrating Communication in the strategy makes it possible to categorize and frame solutions in a coherent discourse, a crucial factor in aligning the brand and its message with the issues and needs of the public with whom it acts and for whom it is directed.

More than a prerequisite, Communication is essential for companies that want to gain prominence and recognition in an increasingly competitive and voracious market. Any good idea goes through the transformation from being just a theoretical project to something concrete that will be the target of public assessment. This contact and the relationship that we intend to create implies telling a story that allows us to establish an effective and affective connection.


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