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July 13, 2016


Comfort Keepers is preparing to recruit 160 professionals to join its network of Caregivers. This search aims to respond to the increased need for home support professionals felt with families and in institutions during the summer.


Lisbon, 13 July 2016 - Comfort Keepers - a world reference organization in the area of ​​Home Support, wants to recruit 160 Caregivers in Portugal. The approach of summer holidays increases the demand for those who can support seniors during the absence of their families. The recruitment developed by Comfort Keepers aims to find new professionals to respond to this need in private clients and institutions.

Logo_ComfortKeepersFor Jorge Monteiro, Managing Director of Comfort Keepers Portugal, “We are approaching the moment when most families take a break and enjoy a few days of vacation. For some of these families, this means being away from their most senior loved ones, which can be a concern if there is no one to replace family support during this time. Comfort Keepers home support specialists are a solution for families to enjoy their holidays, knowing that these seniors are fully accompanied by a specialized team. This is the reason why we feel the demand for our services very expressively at this time and that leads us to an effort to increase the size of our Caregiver team ”.

The 160 professionals to be recruited by Comfort Keepers will offer services to individual customers - namely families looking for a support solution for their seniors during the holidays ahead - as well as from institutions that identify increased demands in this period. This recruitment also serves to respond to needs identified in this moment of growth of the organization, through Caregivers who will become part of the Comfort Keepers team.

Due to the possibility of integrating professionals over 50 years old or on a part-time basis
-time, working as a Caregiver at Comfort Keepers presents itself as a possibility for certain unemployed people and for whom the return to active life seems more difficult to achieve.

These new Caregivers to be recruited will integrate a network of more than 600 professionals who provide Home Support services, Nursing care, assistance to Young Parents and Solutions for Employers to more than 3.000 users in the national territory.


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