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Aug 2, 2016

Success through Evolution

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An organization that aspires to be successful must constantly adapt to the reality it finds in the market, whether it be the new needs of customers, the evolution of technology or the expansion of sectors of activity.

Technological developments, changes in global markets and the potential for continuous - and sometimes disruptive - innovation require each organization to know how to adapt. But are we really managing to identify the importance and value inherent in the ability to transform ourselves within organizational structures and performance?

Adaptation in the context of organizations is becoming increasingly relevant, both for strategy and structure, as the business environment changes constantly.

Strategic management is mainly about adapting an organization to its environment. The main agent for adaptation is the socialization of the organizational culture, which can be consciously reinforced. If you acquire the identity of an organization that wants to grow, adapt and learn, these values ​​become part of the very way in which the organization starts to act. Knowing how and being able to enhance this adaptability is one of the key moments for the success of the organization.

Implementing an adaptation strategy has an effect on the entire organization and necessarily has to rely on the team. Resistance to change is considered one of the major obstacles to creating effective adaptation in an organization. The ability to integrate changes step by step when using the contribution of employees and providing adequate information and training can improve the effectiveness of this process.

Understanding the impact of change and the factors that can help to reduce its negative effects is, therefore, essential for an organization to be able to integrate innovation and thus be truly efficient.


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