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Aug 4, 2016

Three steps to success


One in 10 is the new company that reaches its 5th anniversary, according to several market analysis statistics. Say U has already surpassed that mark. It celebrates seven years by this time.

Every entrepreneur knows that it is difficult to keep a business running. Even with determination and hard work, sometimes it just doesn't work. However, there are also success stories and ways to enhance the longevity of a recent organization.

Having a moldable plan that the organization follows for its first year, five years and even in its first decade is very important. However, do not overly stick to any specific strategy as the plan is likely to have to change significantly over time. To help you, count on up to three of us and make these three points the basis for a successful strategy.

  1. Create a solid infrastructure

As soon as an organization reaches the milestone of 5 years, there is an infrastructure that guides the integration of new employees and teams. There is know-how in a stable team and the reputation created helps to foster a process of word of mouth.

When you start something from scratch, all of these elements have to be created from scratch. It's like building a house compared to adding a roof to a skyscraper. Pay attention to the creation of a solid infrastructure so that your base is guaranteed.

  1. Be prepared for criticism

The rejection will happen on a regular basis and there will be many small failures. Sometimes it will take absolute willpower to keep moving forward.

Just be careful not to create such a barrier to results that it also makes you indifferent to successes and does not allow you to celebrate when they happen. Learn to integrate constructive and negative criticism and use it to grow and become stronger. All of these failures must be a catalyst to work even harder and go further.

  1. Count on customers

When trying to create a name and a brand, it becomes critical to go beyond the customers. This is especially important in the early years, when the business grows from its audience base.

Make yourself stand out and turn your customers into supporters and fans. This is the key to growth. As soon as the brand manages to establish a connection with some fans, they will provide the conditions to enhance the legitimacy of the organization, allow to elaborate case studies and submit references. They will become the example that will help you to see the work developed.


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