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Aug 8, 2016

Multiple platforms to enhance contact

Communication lives on contact, and the way in which the organization reaches its audience is a key element of an effective strategy for approaching and retaining interest with the identified target. Without the existence of this relationship, any objective is overlooked by the inability to make ourselves heard and to make an impact with visible results in the operation developed.

A strategy of direct and targeted contact, designed in a structured way and using different instruments, becomes an impossible tool to neglect in a context in which expanding the established contact network and achieving a differentiating position within it makes an organization relevant.

The email concept seems to us to be dated today, but when integrated into a broader logic, it is still a versatile and immediate response to consolidate a message. Mail a part to a prospect and it can open it or not. Send him an email and he will remember the contact more easily. Post content on social media and it will think twice about the proposal. Make a phone call and you will be ready to respond positively.

O direct marketing thought of in a more traditional way it is not always possible to close a sale but it is more likely to be opened than an email. The reason is simple: it represents an associated cost. Traditional contact demonstrates to the recipient the seriousness of the contact made.

At the same time, social media can do two things effectively. First, it manages to create buzz, with the consequent dissemination making a message go further in an easier way. At the same time, it can extend the life cycle of a campaign after the main outreach action.

The telephone contact should be the last step, being reserved for a segment of the public that offers more probabilities to answer affirmatively to the contacts previously established and as a moment to reaffirm the proposal presented.

More than several instruments used independently, these are truly complementary phases of a structured and continuous plan, which allows a comprehensive response to the public.


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