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Aug 11, 2016


If your company or project is in the start-up phase, you must be wondering how you will be able to successfully boost your brand.

For the challenge of having a business to be rewarding, consider five steps that can lead you to success.

  1. Know your customers

Your company or project needs customers and they deserve your special attention. First of all, try to understand what type of need your product or service satisfies: whether it is seasonal, constant or punctual.

However, your customer's opinion also has a prominent place. Hence, you should take into account aspects such as the reaction to your presence and brand references, or what is the frequency and frequency of visits to your website and social networks.

  1. Differentiate yourself from your competition

This step seems obvious. But is he really aware of what is going on?

Understand what similarities your business has with competitors and make your characteristics stand out. If you have a type of presence that is very similar to that of your competitors, consumers tend to perceive that you want to pass for the other brand.

A good example of a strategy to stand out in the market is Brand Activation. Due to its work experience, Say U advises the planning and application of actions appropriate to your type of business.

  1. Value the essence of your business - corporate culture

The customers of the segment (s) in which it operates are fundamental to your business, but undoubtedly your internal customers (would you mean internal employees? Or are you referring to employees as being also potential customers?) they are no exception.

A good internal Word-Of-Mouth enhances a positive image of your brand. The involvement of employees and the importance of their opinions create a desirable healthy and harmonious internal environment.

However, don't forget that the requirement in your corporate culture leads to internal balance.

  1. Demonstrate consistency

The business world is made up of people and they are the ones who “stand out” for the different companies. As such, it is necessary to create a single voice. In this sense, the communication strategy must be structured in a way that uses a consistent tone and that conveys the company's values.

For coherence to be present in all actions, the communication strategy must be aligned with the marketing strategy, based on the business objectives.

  1. Request help

If you need a solution or an “out of the box” idea to improve your business, don't be ashamed to ask for it.

You can do it directly. As? You can ask your employees to give general or specific suggestions, encouraging participation and a sense of integration in the company's projects. What do you think of creating a system of sporadic or continuous suggestions, according to your need?

With your customers you should have a close interaction, but be careful. To this end, we give the example of creating contests, organizing events or other types of actions that arouse interest in helping you. It is your business that needs your customers and must maintain a good relationship with them.


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