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Aug 18, 2016


In an increasingly virtual world, your company or project needs to be also present in that context.
As such, in addition to a website that conveys confidence and rigor, you must invest in creating and boosting your presence on social networks.
This importance is due to the fact that most users of social networks consider them as a source of information, giving preference to these means to consult the news.

According to a study by the Reuters Institute for Journalism at the University of Oxford, more than half of Internet users access news through social networks, to the detriment of traditional channels, and about 12% of these users say that social networks are their source main information.

In creating content, it is still essential to be responsive, that is, its form of construction should allow the content to adapt to all devices. As an example, the same study reports that more than half of the respondents (53%) use their cell phones to access the news.


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