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Set 5, 2016

The influence of innovation


Although the innovation factor today being a constant in the market, dictating strategies and the relationship with the public, organizations are still trying to distinguish trends from “fashions”. Most importantly, many are debating how to adapt philosophies, models and systems to leverage disruptive elements inside and outside the organization to improve the experience of customers and employees.

The truth is that this reality is unstoppable and each new wave of innovation it just continues to test business models and allow for a different dynamic in the market. Markets are evolving and, at a given moment, consumer behavior and expectations are advancing more rapidly than managers' ability to accept that things are changing and to act accordingly.


We are not, however, returning to a more “simple” time or to a slower and less connected world. This is a was from Digital, in which technology and society are evolving faster than the need to adapt. With each new trend and each new device, organizations are faced with new opportunities and challenges in which to compete. But this is how business changes, in an ecosystem of survival of the most capable organizations and professionals.


For, compete in the future, managers and leaders need to think beyond survival today. They need to look for innovation in the way organizations can su


bsistir in an increasingly digital, interactive and demanding era, knowing today how to succeed in tomorrow's evolving markets.






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