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Set 5, 2016

A new strategy to reach the public


When we approach the creation of original messages to reach an identified audience, we speak of the ability to differentiate ourselves with a speech that clearly positions the organization in the market, that differentiates it and, at the same time, is sufficiently relevant to capture the interest of the community with the community. which we want to exercise our influence.

For any organization, rethinking this strategy can present very unique challenges: if on the one hand there is an opportunity to communicate in the market with a perfectly new message and define the desired positioning through an original Communication, it is also true that the effort will mainly fall on the organization's ability to make itself known and make its position known.

In order to reach the identified public, which will dictate the success of the organization and its opportunity to assert itself and grow, the Communication developed must integrate a strand of connection with the very strong community, which enhances contacts and recognition and gives credibility to the organization and the brand .

A possible solution for a strategy of this type involves the creation of original knowledge about the sector or the implementation of social responsibility actions, allowing the structuring of lines of communication parallel to purely commercial activities and the developed business. Not only do alternative communication channels open up with the media or social media, but an increased impact on the visibility achieved is possible.


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