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Set 5, 2016

Guide Marketing to the Audience

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Marketers usually start with the right goal. They try to understand their audience through relevant questions, such as “why should I buy my product?”. But one study from the International Data Corporation (IDC) found that attention to consumer needs often ends there.

For many, the Offer selfie it seems to be the totality of the organization's marketing efforts. “Here is our product. Enjoy! ” The organization presents its product or service to the public but there is no effort to gain a clearer understanding of the need it responds to or satisfies.

Organizations with a deeper understanding of marketing find themselves increasing the depth and focus on the audience. Marketers who wish to act in this context need to take the initiative and institute concrete actions that lead to changes in the organization's culture, making this strategy more visible, instituting metrics and guiding investment and resources for this process.




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