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Set 6, 2016


Neves de Almeida | HR Consulting, in partnership with Human Resources Portugal and INDEG-ISCTE, is preparing to launch the “Excellence Index”, a study of organizational climate and human capital development, aimed at analyzing the state of the art of Resource practices Human Rights in Portugal and rewarding the entities that invest the most and bet in this area. Registration for the initiative is free and ends on September 30th.


Lisbon, September 06, 2016 - Registration is now open for the first edition of the organizational climate and human capital development study "Excellence Index", promoted by Neves de Almeida | HR Consulting, in partnership with Human Resources Portugal, Executive Digest and INDEG-ISCTE. Discovering and promoting the winning factor that makes the difference in the success of an organization is the objective of this study, which aims to help organizations to enhance the elements that have an impact on the motivation of their professionals and the operational results to be achieved. The initiative also intends to contribute to alert the Portuguese business community to the importance of themes related to the strategic management of human assets, making it possible to identify and evaluate this factor and see this effort publicly recognized.

According to Pedro Rocha e Silva, Partner at Neves de Almeida | HR Consulting, “Excellence means doing what needs to be done well. In the case of this study, Excellence is measured through the recognition that employees reveal about a diverse set of organizational practices. Basically, it means giving a voice to the people of each organization and understanding which aspects they value most and which ones will have the greatest potential for improvement. The last few years have shown us that there is some stagnation in terms of the various dimensions analyzed in the scope of the study, which is not unconnected to the economic situation in the country, which has penalized the great majority of the economic fabric. There are some signs that make us believe that we may be experiencing a moment of opportunity to be able to position ourselves at higher levels of satisfaction, namely in what concerns human resources management. The first edition of this study will be a good test to see if these signs are in fact reflected in better results. ”

The Excellence Index will, on the one hand, provide participating organizations with a powerful set of management information to support decision-making on strategic aspects of their activities, while giving employees a voice, involving them in topics relevant. On the other hand, participating companies will have access to a set of results that will allow them to know which areas of greater and lesser satisfaction and compare them with the market, realizing not only where they stand out positively - their Factor X - but also, in which areas are below average.

At the same time, enrollment in this study will help organizations to be publicly recognized for their good results, gaining positive visibility with a direct impact on recruitment and the way employees stakeholders they look at organizations that are recognized for good practice.

Participation is done on an online platform created for the purpose (available at www.indexdaexcellencia.com) and makes use of the analysis of surveys to be carried out by professionals in the company, aimed at both management and employees, which aim to assess their opinion on a set of existing practices in the organization and the way they perceive the professional context . The presentation of results will take place at an Award Ceremony, which will take place during the 2nd half of January 2017.



About Neves de Almeida HR Consulting:
Neves de Almeida | HR Consulting arises in 1991 with a team of professionals passionate about the dynamics of Human Resources. Driven by the ambition of developing teams and helping organizations to achieve goals, it has, over 25 years, worked for the diversification and sophistication of the offer, innovating in the approach, always in a perspective of growth with the Client. Only the in-depth knowledge of organizations' business, culture and DNA, as well as the experience of 25 years of history, can meet the challenges of the next quarter century. Its current offer focuses on five areas of intervention, IT Consulting, Search, Training, Assessment e Team Building. Additional information at www.nevesdealmeida.pt


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