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Oct 28, 2016

The emergence of immersion as a strategy

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Marketing can get lost in an obsession with data, metrics and trend prediction, in a quest to achieve a clear vision of its audience that can become elusive. The next step is to integrate a survey and create immersive experiences. But what is behaved in an approach of immersion how a strategy of this nature?

In view of the countless transformations taking place in the new digital economy, markets, consumers and businesses can appear radically different when compared to the reality of a decade ago. These changes are rapidly changing behaviors and daily performance in the personal and professional spheres. The inability to adjust or adapt to this behavioral phenomenon can leave many organizations and professionals lost. Such a situation leads to the need to find ways to understand and connect with consumers in another way.

In recent years we have seen the adoption of different approaches in terms of understanding consumer behavior and creating immersive experiences. Digital technologies are not only causing drastic changes, but also offering ways to provide experiences that were impossible to imagine until now.

In a world of entertainment and multimedia games, we observe the tendency for immersive experiences to become a humanizing element of the relationship established by organizations and the way they approach the concept of marketing. More importantly, they affect how the storytelling and the message of organizations can become an essential factor in connecting with the public.

As marketing based on immersion evolves in the market and the expectations and needs of the public become more demanding, we will be able to observe new ways of interacting with connected experiences, allowing us to foresee what the future may be in the area.


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