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January 31, 2017

What influences consumer behavior?


A digital revolution and the explosion of platforms social media profoundly changed the factors that influence the action of consumers as they undertake their buying decision. When considering products and services, the public reads comments online, compare prices and search for offers using mobile devices. After the act of purchase, consumers become themselves appraisers and require continuous monitoring with the brands. Although companies have access to terabytes of data on all these behavioral changes, many still cannot answer the fundamental question: how exactly is our audience influenced?

Increasingly, they are the interactions between brands and their audience the most relevant element in communicating the brand message and conducting the relationship with potential buyers supported by this type of insights, the organization can create models for allocating marketing resources and focus its attention on different points of interaction. This makes it possible to make more effective decisions regarding the marketing strategy, both by audience segments and in relation to specific situations in the product / service life cycle.

Organizations are aware of the growing importance of contact points such as medium, even if they do not understand the true magnitude of its effects or how to influence them. An in-depth analysis of the Communication to the public process serves to elucidate the channels and messages that really influence consumer behavior. This forces marketers to be ready to use the findings and results achieved to counter less positive situations and make more profitable marketing investments that decisively influence purchasing decisions.




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