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January 31, 2017

Google Analytics

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Analyzing the impact of the communication strategies developed does not need to be an expensive effort. Currently there are analysis tools of a free (or almost free) nature that can help to identify which marketing objectives are being reached, helping to adjust their content so that the results are aligned with the goals designed and the processes implemented are coated with increased efficiency.

The first, the most important and the final tool that each responsible for the online presence of a brand and marketing specialist in this context needs to consider is Google Analytics. This represents one of the most effective ways to obtain vital information about the performance of a given website and its content, as a point of contact with the public.

O Google Analytics provides comprehensive demographic data about the audience reached, measures interaction, helps determine which topics are most relevant addressed, and identifies the source of online traffic. It is a fundamental element to measure the effectiveness of the marketing efforts carried out in social media, as well as other personalized digital campaigns.


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