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January 31, 2017

Metrics to measure


When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns, it is beneficial to pay attention to the interaction generated. The interaction is a significant indicator of how effective the marketing campaign is because it takes into account how its content was perceived and later used by users.

Brand reputation - Search for your brand on Google or Twitter and evaluate what others are saying about it. Are there positive comments or negative statements that you need to address?

Content sharing (retweets, actions, tastes, etc.) - The public only shares what it wants to share and does so because the content has a character that it considers relevant in some way. Finding out who is sharing your content offers marketers an insight into the demographic nature, target audience typology and content reach.

Comments - When comments appear on the website or online platforms, users offer an opportunity for contact and relationship. When a brand responds to its audience, it demonstrates that there is a “real” person involved, who cares about the public and the topic under discussion. If you compare two blog posts, one that has comments versus one that doesn't, it becomes obvious which content had the most impact.

Inbound links - The number of external links to your website from other relevant and authorized websites indicates that other people have identified your content and considered it a valuable resource or reference to retain.


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