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January 31, 2017

How to deal with greater complexity in the context of external marketing?

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As the environment of marketing external becomes more complex, so must the internal environment. Managers and other professionals have historically had a reduced number of communication channels; these are now in the tens and this number is continually growing. This proliferation has led to the emergence of external and internal specialists, with experience accumulated not only on currently available channels (such as social networks), but even on individual platforms (such as Facebook). The exponential growth in marketing complexity seems endless and necessarily needs to be managed.

We found three elements that are always true in managing complexity within the organization in the context of marketing. First, the need to turn to specialized professionals. Second, find someone capable of designing and implementing marketing efforts across all channels and communication platforms, in an effort framed by the brand positioning and the goals set for it. Finally, absolute clarity is required in the processes, roles and responsibilities, not only within the marketing team, but also within the organization (in its various positions and business units) and externally (with external agencies and suppliers).

Facing complexity comprehensively requires a special effort. Today, management is required to integrate in its global strategy a particular look at how marketing can be worked in an extended period and how to relate it to the company's growth priorities. This involves examining the implications of various trends in consumer behavior and media consumption habits. Only in this way is it possible to fit the changes observed in the context of the market, at the same time that the leadership role, the culture of marketing and the capacities of the available specialized resources are considered.


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