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January 31, 2017

Analysis factors


Whether you created your own blog on the WordPress platform, or if you used external suppliers to create a professional website, you certainly have access to daily, weekly and monthly analysis information at back office. You can start by looking at trends such as general traffic increases or decreases – but you can also dive into more specific details. Understand which analysis factors

Most of your online content is likely to contain a link to the commercial area of ​​your website, so you should pay special attention to where your inbound traffic is coming from. If you delegate the strategy of publishing your content online, this information is essential to identify what type of analysis you will receive from the marketer and to determine the quality of your leads and your conversion rate.

Without the ability to determine the source of online traffic, it becomes impossible to accurately assess the ROI of its content.

Each social media platform will provide you with some kind of specific analytics metrics. Since you may not be able to assess the number of leads or conversions it generates from certain social media platforms can however measure other factors of the ROI reached, such as daily or weekly traffic; most popular publications; new friends, followers or connections generated; likes, shares and comments generated.


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