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March 6, 2017

Risk in Communication


Chief Editor?

Writing is not simple, much less if we have in the domain of content marketing. This is one of the biggest trends of this year and it needs to be a lot of work. It is necessary to find someone talented, ideal for the position of editor-in-chief.

Hiring someone experienced is important and the Say U Consulting endorses some of the council's PR Daily:


Prioritize individual proficiencies over market knowledge

It is preferable someone creative and willing to go further than someone with knowledge of the product or company itself, but stagnant. The first individual has the advantage of mastering the technique of content marketing, you will always be happy and easy to create more attractive content and quickly learn what you lack about the market.


Find someone who already has his own team

The editor-in-chief is not going to write all the content, he has to have someone working with him. In this sense, if you are a personality with whom you are already accustomed and enjoy working, you may experience greater productivity.


So, also invest in a copy editor

Work as a team with a copy editor will avoid mistakes that might go unnoticed and will be essential to support the chief editor and help you in detail.


Hiring a social media manager is also a good bet

A professional managing social networks will enhance the work of the chief editor and copy editor. It will allow the created content to reach more people. In other words, all the attention directed to content marketing will be justified.


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