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March 6, 2017

Building Brands: Inspiration from the cold

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Building Brands

Fruit of the rain and snow of the French Alps, water Evian it was discovered during the French revolution. Nowadays, it is one of the most expensive watermarks.

Evian water started to be consumed locally in order to help the Marquis of the area to relieve kidney pain. The results were positive and doctors quickly recommended it to their patients. It was later bottled and, until today, its concept has not been lost: water with beneficial properties for health, rich in mineral salts and for all ages.


Brand-level work is a true example to follow. Always linked to the concept of health, it is today among the most luxurious and chic waters in the world.

It was the first mineral water to launch the first fully recyclable bottle and one year later, and in order to commemorate the turn of the century, it launched the limited series “Bottles Millennium”, as well as two other outstanding lines at design of product. In addition to starting to stand out at this level, it launched a cosmetics line, it has a line of spas and your campaigns are already known for “making history”, stand out, for example:


Let's Baby Dance - 1999



Evian - Water Boy (We will Rock You) - 2003


Roller Babies - 2016



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